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I found this guy 2dayblogger in my Facebook when I read his status about new hosting promotion a few months back. When I read in his blog, I found many interesting post about blogging. I always had been a silent reader in his blog since then. 2dayblogger SEO Contest had been starting since last week. As always, we love to talk about good contest in here, especially SEO contest. He is currently gathering sponsors for his contest but we have used our budget for our own contest. I think the prize for the contest already add-up until now with a lots of Blogger sponsoring his Contest. It is also an opportunity for you to test your blog SEO.

2dayblogger SEO Contest 2dayblogger SEO ContestCurrently, 2dayblogger.com are organizing 3 contests:

1. Buat duit dengan blog (How to make money with blogging)

Its not easy to talk about money making opportunity in blogging if you don’t experience it yourself. They are many ways to make money from blog but we are not talking about money making opportunity in here. Many blogger only think that advertising company is the only way to make money from blog. SBC discuss 5 way to make money in our blog post; Buat duit dengan blog.

2. Aku seorang blogger (I am a blogger)

What I can see from most contestant, they only talk about their own experience, some can write it and make it great to read. While most of them write it too long. Longer posts doesn’t necessarily means you can go on top of SERP. It will most probably bored your readers with a very long explanation. Try to focus on what people want to read, make it simple but with a special touch. You can go and read our post for an example.

3. Tip blogging terbaik (best blogging tips)

Many people don’t realize that this is just a repost from our earlier article. Sometimes, you have some old articles that already there. SBC are just 5 months old and we are not expert bloggers but we do wrote some blogging tips in this blog. Most of our tips are for blogspot/blogger blog. To anyone who had been following our posts since the start, you maybe knew that our target is newbies blogger. Many of them just start blogging without even a little bit of blogging knowledge. We try our best to help you.

Some of our blogging friends asked us, why don’t we join the contest. We don’t want to join any contest, we just love to help promote our blogging friends with their contest. Before this, we promote, denaihati.com networking programme; 5 Blog paling kerap dilawati 2011. If the contest is good and related to blogging/SEO, we will try our best to promote it here.

For any of you who want to test your blog SEO, we suggest you join 2dayblogger.com contest; Contest SEO:Aku Seorang Blogger vs Buat Duit Dengan Blog vs Tip Blogging Terbaik.

Good luck to everyone. icon smile 2dayblogger SEO Contest

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  1. Izwan says:

    you have started this blog 5 monts ago?.. i’m sure this is not your major blog coz the content delivery shows that you have lot of experiences.. :)
    writing a long article with a special touch.. it’s a little bit hard but i’m trying to put some feel when writing… still learn how to do it… ;)

    • Admin says:

      Salam Izwan.
      For this time being, SBC is my major blog since I give a lots of time and effort for SBC.
      You can find our personal blog in SBC members list Izwan. Some of Zezebel blog also had been used in here too.

      • Izwan says:

        owh..btw, u don’t install auto responder plugin?.. so that the commentator can get notification email when their comment has been replied.. just asking..

  2. Haru says:

    u have 700++ followers on facebook after 5 months.. i think u must have a great job..i wonder what will be after 1 year..maybe 1400++ followers on facebook..

  3. abrablog says:

    hoho..ramai dah join contest faisal nih. hehe..

  4. wow! teringin nak cuba-cuba ni…
    walaupun kurang sikit ni…
    tak apa kan :)

  5. zik says:

    yes i already perasan this seo contest… still thinking..no idea…and blur..haha..this tonight or maybe tomorrow will be publish.. wait ha..

  6. tehr says:

    saya masih tak reti nak join kontes yang berat2 ni
    tumpang baca je, sis :D

  7. afzal laidin says:

    Baru tau usia blog ni baru 5 bulan. SBC memang bukan “newbie”. Tengok sahaja topik yang dibincangkan.
    Btw, good luck untuk SEO contest tu. Tak sempat nak join buat masa ni.

  8. yas says:

    Taun ni paling banyak masuk contest…kasi rehat dulu..:)

  9. Sobri Mansor says:

    Ada juga terbaca pasal contest dari 2dayblogger ni. BErminat juga nak join. Cuma nak mencari masa terluang dulu untuk buat artikel yang menarik dan penuh dengan informasi

  10. MEKAR says:

    dah beberapaa org sya lihat join contest ni. sangat menarik & ia sekaligus membuat kita beroleh pengetahuan. sya xde idea lg.
    Nanti nk gi terjah blog itu :-)

  11. azura says:

    kadangkala segan nak join, tak pernah kenal blog tu tiba2 join contest…

    • Admin says:

      Blogging kita nak kena ramai kawan-kawan juga. ;)
      Join contest boleh buat orang nampak blog kita dan kalau contest SEO tu, boleh memberi tunjuk ajar kepada kita, adakah SEO blog kita tu dah OK?

  12. contest lagi ehhh… boleh join (kalu FREE nanti):D

  13. zulkbo says:

    dalam berkira-kira nak join
    tapi blog saya hanya sesuai bercakap
    SEO mengenai kefahaman saya yang
    sememangnya hanya faham sedikit
    sahaja..he he..saya mungkin saya
    perhatikan sahaja dulu..

  14. juanita says:

    Wahh..pujian melambung2 itu SBC:)

  15. titan says:

    kalau aku rajin..aku join aa..

  16. Iqbal says:

    Dah join.. but still not approve..hehe

  17. izwan says:

    well this is very first time that i landed into SBC after read your comments at denaihati and other blogs as well.i’ll try to surf your blog deeply first before taking part in any contest as i am so new to blogging.hopefully,we can create a great partnership :)

    • Admin says:

      Hi Izwan.
      This is not SBC contest but I think the organizer welcome all Malaysian to join their contest.

  18. akubiomed says:

    SEO contest never try before except join reviewing contest on a few blog.

  19. bEe says:

    Tak mampu lah bEe!!! Btw I support as a pom pom gegirl…
    Boleh???? hehehe :lol:

  20. Rose Johari says:

    Wow, contest lagi…hehehe…best kan join contest dkt blog? selain dpt hadiah (klu ada rezeki) boleh dpt kenalan & kembangkan network…



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