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Many of our blogger friends asking us why don’t we use auto-publish comment? Using Auto-publish for comment will help you to automatically publish comment that had been write by your readers but many blogger don’t know that some people can attack your blog easily too. As a blogger, they’re always competitor coming to read your blog. Many of them just come and read your blog post but some of them come and find any weakness they can find.

auto publish comment auto publish comment

Why we don’t auto-publish our blog comment:

1. People will easily attack your post comment. One way to attack you. is by writing a porn related words in Character that you might don’t know to read (Chinese, Russian, Korean etc). If you received 1 comment, you can easily delete them but what if you received 1000 comments? That happened to my personal blog before and it still a painful experience.

2. You can easily check and reply new comment. When you do auto-publish, sometimes people comment on your old posts, you will not notice the comment. Especially if you have a high amount of comment everyday. SBC received around 40 comments a day. Sometimes it goes to 100 cooments.

3. To avoid spammer from posting comment. Some blogger will normally comment nicely for the first and second comment in your blog (especially newbies). After that, they will start to add their blog URL in your blog. Some just want to add their comment in your blog with spam comment like “nice info”, “great writing” or “hihihi”. Spam in your post comment will only make you look unprofessional.

We also don’t use any reply comment notification plugin because it will only spam our readers email. If people really want to know our answer about their comment, they will be back at the original post. Our comment forms will automatically closed 30 days after the post had been published. Our Top Commentators will get dofollow link on our homepage. If you still cannot see our commentluv plugin, we are having some problem with commentluv and still trying to fix that.

Any comment? icon biggrin auto publish comment

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  1. anif says:

    I still prefer auto publish comment for my blog but with spam filter turned on. :D

  2. afzal laidin says:

    Yup, still cannot see the comment luv plugin on this blog for few days.
    Between, there is a plugin to do the auto-comment. It will do blog-walking and comment on the blog which has related keyword.

  3. Sobri Mansor says:

    SM tak buat auto publish comment sebab senang nak monitor comment yang masuk. Dari comen juga boleh menyebabkan blog kita dilabel sebagai malware oleh browser

    • Admin says:

      tau takpe bro.
      Ada juga blogger yang cuba macam tu kat SBC ni. Kadang-kadang tak perasan.

    • Lizz says:

      yes setuju sangat! memang. bahaya. website ntah apa2 yang komen. memang tak akan buat auto publish comment ni.

      • Admin says:

        Biasanya saya check juga Lizz. Cuma kalau website yang berkaitan lucah & gambling tu, saya tak luluskan.

  4. Azwan says:

    1. Turn on AKISMET
    2. You are using WordPress, u can set to auto publish comment provided the commentator has a previous approve comment.
    3. Install captcha

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Azwan but I think you don’t understand what i meant in here. I am not talking about spam robot.
      BTW, Askimet will only make my friend comment become spam, i don’t suggest askimet. it still will let go spam robot that link to your tracback.
      Try GASP and spambee plugin.

  5. zulkbo says:

    same like Mr Anif..
    i want my commenter
    straight away can see
    their comment

  6. cathj says:

    auch.. a short comment like that consider spam?? I sometimes drop just a short comment when doing blog hop.. to show that I like what they writing but no idea what to comment.. just wanted to show that i been there and like their post.. but never know that was treated as spam… ~.@

    • Admin says:

      I know you don’t know. Most international blogger will also mark your comment as spam if it is not related to the discussion. Unless you’re coming to personal blog, i think it is better to prevent short comment like that. ;)

  7. bEe says:

    Hi SBC… :-)
    How are u????


  8. bEe says:

    Actually my blog is auto-publish comment.
    But why my comment not auto publish in your blog SBC????

  9. madammondoq says:

    ermm.. good tips.. will try to understand it more..

  10. juanita says:

    Owhhh auto publish…tidak..tidak..tidak…..:)
    Biar sajee saya yg monitor but not public ok :)

  11. zik says:

    ok2.. we understand… it better than close comment… for all entry .

  12. Izwan says:

    it depend on individual taste.. different person different perspective.. :D
    spam.. even use GASP also being spammed by anonying trackbacks.. haha.. i got almost 100 rubbish trackbacks 4-5 monts ago.. fuhh, so mad when i have to trash all of it..

    btw, we want comluv.. comluv..comluv..hehe..juz kidding.. ;)

    • Admin says:

      Without GASP and Spambee (askimet) this blog will get on average 10 spam per day. now we only get 4 spam per weeks. :)

  13. Amirez says:

    ada pro n kontra :)

  14. Hmmm… I have no auto answer on this topic! mau pikiq dulu….

  15. Iqbal says:

    Maybe its depend on the blogger. But, for me i just install the auto publish comment.

    For spammers, i just let Akismet to handle it. Till now, the plugin doing well to block any spam comment.

  16. tehr says:

    alasan yang sangat munasabah
    memang boleh diterima

    tapi saya masih juga lebih suka kepada auto publish
    mungkin kerana saya masih lagi dalam situasi suka2 blogging
    juga mungkin kerana saya masih belum terkena :D

  17. Chipcoklat says:

    (Nice entry!! )

    ini pun kira spam ke??? some time chip kena jgk.. majority dari luar negara la..

  18. when using it on blog, the backlink count as valuable or just a link farm becoz G dont like link farm…

  19. azrinbme says:

    I’m not restricted visitor to comment my blog. I leave it anti spammer doing their job but sometimes they act funny put some comment under spammer list. At least we can rely on something. Better than nothing. Happy blogging ya :-)



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