Danpros.com-from PR0 to PR8


Yesterday I found the most amazing pagerank upgrade ever, Danpros.com-from PR0 to PR8. I found this site while looking for a story about Google pagerank update. When I saw Google has been going down from PR10 to PR9, I thought that will be the big news for the pagerank update but when I saw Danang Probo Sayekti@Danpros blog, I am amaze. This is the first time I had seen a blog that rank up like that.

Danpros com from PR0 to PR8 Danpros.com from PR0 to PR8

Looking at Danpros.com backlink (2,230 links) and inbound link (180,737 links), I know that Google don’t mistakenly giving link to his blog. If Google had mistakenly giving a very high PR to him, he already create history, the greatest increase Pagerank ever. Most of the blog link come from his Drupal theme that has been used by edu and gov sites (most of the sites got PR5). Looking at his blog, we can only see few posts a month. He is using blogger for blog template but talk about Drupal in his blog.

What can we learn from this blog? Even if he has a low posts per month but all his post are high quality content, people naturally give link to his post. Creating your own theme also help you earn natural link. If you know how to create a theme in any blog/website platform, you should try start to create one. If you check further, he only share his theme on June 2011 and get the Pagerank 8 on 27 June 2011.

Congratulations to Danang Probo Sayekti.

pixel Danpros.com from PR0 to PR8
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  1. cilok link from his blog dulu.. he he ..:D … pinggggg….
    it’s dropped to 8 now… still amazing ehhh… I hope DLSL will move to PR 12 when Google update the page rank again next time… :D

  2. akubiomed says:

    SBC i just found out that we have Drupal Community in Malaysia. Here is the link http://ow.ly/5xu0T

    • akubiomed says:

      I revisit my hosting which currently I use NetKL hosting . I opened AkuBiomed by using Softaculous for instant blog. Softaculos offer instant setup for Drupal also available. Wow suprising.

      I’m not rushing to play Drupal because it seems new toys for me maybe I tried for dummy blog first. I just read through summary about Drupal it seems Drupal is easy to for people don’t have knowledge on coding. Thank you for sharing info here.

  3. Izwan says:

    speechless..haha.. web developer from indonesia usually superb in SEO.. my programming lecturer also from indonesia,he have worked at nokia,japan before this.. what i most remember is he said 4G technology have been develop 11 years ago.. when he’s still in Nokia..

  4. Afzal Laidin says:

    wow! how come can be like that? Do we have any study case regarding his blog?

  5. Ronny says:

    I check the blog and yes its a valid PR, PR 8 is very difficult to get (almost impossible for personal blog), but he can reach that level!

  6. Juan says:

    rasanya disebabkan theme dia tu yg dapat PR8. Syabas kepada Danpros

  7. MDHAFiZ.NET says:

    Ijust start blogging with new blog MDHAFiZ.NET (7 months) i need more time to have good PR :)

    that site amazing!

  8. zik says:

    wow surprising me.. that advantages to design theme drupal like this…

    • Admin says:

      I think any theme will do Zik. As long as the blog theme look nice and SEO friendly+you give it for free.

  9. zulkbo says:

    so great blog..
    i should learn
    from that blog..

  10. Affan says:

    yup selalu tgk, kalau blog famous theme and plugin developer mesti alexa dan PR mantap walaupun tak selalu update.

    tapi in this case, mmg ada pelik, naik dari 0 ke 8 terus.
    no wonder, byk backlink dari .edu dan .giv. Some people said 1 backlink from .edu link is equal to 10 or 100 backlinks from .com blog (not sure 10 or 100)

    • Admin says:

      Ada check backlink edu dan gov dia? kebanyakannya PR5. Itu sebab dia dapat PR8 kot. Blog sempoi jer kalau tengok. :)

  11. Affan says:

    mantap gak blogger ni, baru baca entry pasal PR die.
    Sume blog2 die PR 6. She must have a very good strategy

  12. nuriz says:

    naik mendadak betul. Maknanya trafik tinggi pun tak menjamin alexa akan turunkan. Apa guna orang masuk website kita dalam beberapa saat je.

  13. titan says:

    tak hairan kalau dia dapat tinggi tu.. :)

  14. Jai says:

    Dasyat betul.. Dari 0 terus naik 8… Sayangnya aku x faham BI…hu3

  15. Sobri Mansor says:

    Jawarian blogger…. Veri powerfull skill. He can develop and maintan drupal….

  16. bEe says:

    Woww… amazing!
    U think my blog from PR1 can go to PR10 tak??? :-P

    **perasan… lately pun tak update blog ada hati kan!!! MUahahaha :lol:

  17. xigeek says:

    wah!. jadi bersemangat lagi ni.. Negara jiran kita pulak tu.

    • Admin says:

      Saya rasa daus boleh buat ni. Cuma jangan tumpukan “perfect” sangat.
      Nanti kalau perlu bantuan untuk promote theme atau template, bagitahu SBC.
      Suka tengok orang yang bekerja keras macam daus ni.

  18. Khidhir says:

    waahh.. hebat tul dia ni..

  19. MEKAR says:

    tak sangka disebabkan theme juga boleh jadi sebab kenaikan pr itu. ish..banyak juga yg tersirat dlm dunia blog ini

  20. alfi says:

    mas,g mudeng aq mas,,
    yg versi indonesianya ad g mas..
    biar lebih paham saya mas..:)



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