How to remove 404 error


How to remove 404 error? This post is related to our discussion about pagerank; Why some blog still PR0 or PR drop. The best way to remove 404 error is by using Google Webmaster Tools (I am not sure if there is any other way). Why do you get 404 errors for your site? Most probably because some of the pages had been removed or renamed by you. For WordPress users, you can use plugin to automatically redirect 301 for any permalinks changes (pages renamed), SBC is using Platinum SEO. With to many 404 errors, your Pagerank will drop because Google don’t like site with to many errors in it. For some of you who don’t receive any pagerank from the recent update, try remove them now and wish you can get a PR on the next update. Normally, the page with error 404 will come with a text “page cannot be found”.

How to remove 404 error How to remove 404 error

How do you remove 404 error:

1. You need to register with Google Webmaster Tools.

2. You can find all your 404 error pages under “crawl errors”. Make sure you check the error pages before you delete them. Sometimes, it is just the case of permalink changes.

3. Copy the error link url and go to Webmaster removal tools. Click the “new removal request” and paste your link url.

remove URL from Google search result How to remove 404 error

4. Under reason, just put “Page has been removed or blocked from search engine”.

5. Make sure you click “For permanent removal, the page must return a 404/410, or be blocked from search engines”.

6. Submit request.

It will take some time for Google to remove the 404 errors, normally around 24 hours time. Go to Google webmaster again to check if your blog have anymore errors. I suggest remove any errors that related to any posts that had been deleted first before you go through any other pages.

Feel free to asked if you don’t understand and add new information related to this tutorial. icon smile How to remove 404 error

pixel How to remove 404 error


  1. Izwan says:

    this is the most important that i always taking care of it.. remove error 404.. i got this info from he have been banned if i not mistaken by google coz having too many404 errors..
    nice tips SBC.. ;)

    • Admin says:

      Google never mention how many 404 error that is not allowed but i know it cause SBC some PR. We got over 30 when the PR update coming.

  2. izwannizam says:

    i always do this regularly but it’s quite tiring as we have to do it one by one right ?or you have way how to do it in bundle :D

  3. azura says:

    crawl error ok je tapi sitemap asyik salah url…camne tu SB

  4. zulkbo says:

    tired to remove one
    by one befored..alhamdulillah
    just a few left..he he

  5. Kujie says:

    dah remove lebih dari 1000, sampai dah bosan!

  6. anif says:

    Memang kena buat ni dari masa ke semasa.. :D

  7. Eichikatsu says:

    Selalu guna sbb dlu pindah dari hosting lama,jadi link semua dah mati.hehe

    • Admin says:

      Susah gak tu. Kena pastikan hosting takde amsalah lar macam tu kan? :D

      • Eichikatsu says:

        Betul tu SBC. kena pastikan hosting tak ada problem. Tapi kes Eichi lain pula sebab Eichi tukar hosting lain, tak nak pakai yang lama lagi dah.

        • Admin says:

          Masa mula-mula tu, kita tak tahu apa masalah hosying tu kan? Nak cari yang murah jer. Tapi yang mahal pun ada msalah dia juga.

  8. zik says:

    almost 100++ before that 700…++ first login 1000+ ….. take ur time..

  9. Emm…nampaknya kena buat juga ni. Tak pernah buat lagi sebelum ni.
    Terima kasih perkongsian ilmu.

  10. mancai says:

    1 blog okey lagi kalau dah banyak blog adus… satu2 kena buat… buat selagi larat buat masa ni…

  11. afzal laidin says:

    thanks SBC. saya pun ada masalah dengan 404 error ni.

  12. bEe says:

    Wah SBC… nice sharing!
    I’m zero about 404 error before this…
    I like… hehe

  13. madammondoq says:

    wah.. terharu SBC buat entry ni.. hehe.. thanks a lot!! i mmg dah jumpa cara tu.. and its work!! but still on goinglah.. lom habis lagi eror2 tu..

  14. eyriqazz says:

    thanks..dah buat..kalau nak remove 403 error camne pula?

    • Admin says:

      banyak sangat ke kena bro?
      403 biasanya pasal file xbleh access. kena tengok dimana kita host file tu. Kadang-kadang dia bersifat sementara sebab host tu terlalu banyak file, kena serang DDoS atau kita buat file tu tak boleh dikongsi.
      Kalau dua yang pertama tu, kena sabar menunggu atau pindah je file kat tempat lain. Kalau yang lagi satu tu, tukar setting pergi share to everyone.

  15. tehr says:

    saya pernah buat ni
    tapi ada juga error yang macam degil
    masih tetap ada kat situ

  16. aiyah.. this is one of the most troublesome job for bloggers ehhh…. i think I have 404 errors on blog …. hmmmm,…

  17. azrinbme says:

    I experienced remove more than 1k. It is tiring process clicking :-)

  18. nuriz says:

    terima kasih sbc kongsi info ni. boleh try check nanti.



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